Pre-Mediation Coaching

“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.”
– Alexander Graham Bell

Pre-mediation coaching can be incredibly beneficial to the outcome of your upcoming mediation.

When emotions are heightened and mediation is a process that is relatively new to most people, pre-mediation coaching before hand can help to reduce the emotional intensity and can be very empowering to an individual.

Pre-mediation coaching is a confidential service and you will typically spend 1 – 2 hours with an accredited mediator where you will learn new ways to communicate your needs in a way that will be heard clearly in your mediation. This is also an individual service where either one or both parties may wish to use.

All information discussed during your pre-mediation coaching session is confidential.

Your coach’s role is to not give advice but instead help to translate your concerns into words that can be used during mediation so you can be understood and heard more effectively. 

Why use Pre-Mediation Coaching?

When you are able to clearly describe your wishes and concerns free from interpretation and evaluation, you will notice that other people are less likely to be defensive and react as intensely when they hear it.

Our pre-mediation coaches have had experience with communication strategies that will assist you to be honest, without any criticism, insults, putdowns or any intellectual diagnosis implying wrongness. Communication during mediation can be critical to the outcome. Your pre-mediation coach will assist you to translate your inner dialogue and concerns into feelings and needs which can be expressed during mediation with clear requests. Conflicts can be resolved with more ease and efficacy when the flow of communication is based on expressing your needs and hearing the needs of others (e.g. connection, safety, respect, equality).

Once you have clearly expressed yourself and also heard the needs of others, you are then more willing and able to find solutions/options that ideally suit everyone’s needs. When you can connect at the level of universal human needs then you can creatively open doors that could lead you to an outcome that is ideally satisfying for everyone.

TMG’s aim is to find a peaceful resolution for all. We aim to get to the crux of the matter to resolve disputes. 

For more information on Pre-Mediation Coaching, or to make an appointment:

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